Swimline 8040 Professional Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake

Super durable, structural leaf rake with deep bag printed on a large cleaning. I had previously purchased several sheets of a network of local stores to remove the leaves from my pool, not them again. I have a big oak tree hangs over my pool. Thus, the networks have benefited a lot. And to two of these networks. Frankly I do not care if the edges used by 10 (for me, does not show any signs of wear after 2 months) rep. In these ten times saved me a lot of work my pool vac filters, and saved me a huge cost for the extra work that the allegations in the pool guy in the fall. The scratch on the bottom I saw three times as much as my big Polaris sucked into the filter design more than an hour. I am a woman, and not so strong – but large load on the network to manage, if you pick up, take a quick tendency to drain, then empty it. What was the former Polaris pool three days now takes me about an hour away from the network. Our pool is about 35 X 65 meters and a bear to clean.

We love this pool commission. We keep our pool open throughout the year, net regularly leaves in autumn and winter. Large bags to accept work for less than half the time our network of regular swimming. We had to do one year. It works well on dirt and collect leaves from the bottom of the pool bars. We use it all the time. Cart is very large, so if you have a lot of things that keeps them there. It can not be correct to think. Money well spent.

It’s great for flat networks cleaning.Unlike time you get rid of the error, anything you can do once and then cleaned. Previously, he was one of those in our apartment, but had to leave as part of the sale. This method works well – simply connect the poles and collect the rubbish from the bottom up. Retains all the leaves, insects and worms that sucked by a vacuum sand filter. I use it for several months. I like the lip on the underside of a network that facilitates the extraction of sediment from the bottom of the pool. I’m not a heavy load of leaves in the pool, so I can not prove the strength of the network, but if you have a small number of leaves, this network system is great!

Recently received the items. Although I did not use still seems to be reasonably high value products. Price was much better than I was able to contact your local pool store and I can not drive it and it was the best delivery so there was no S & H on time. I always felt, aluminum door frame pool commission. The commission is cast in plastic, and feels much stronger, but also seems to be a bit “heavier. I have to say, because the leading edges are large movements in the water compared to the aluminum rake. I can endure as long as the commission last longer than aluminum, which I bought 6 months ago.

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